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We breed German Wirehaired Pointers according to the norms of the association “Deutsch Drahthaar e.V.” Going through this page, you are going to obtain information and news related to German Wirehaired Pointer.




Are you interested in a puppy?

German Wirehaired Pointer is compassionate and a very good hunting dog. It needs regular walking like any other dog. It is a matter of course for us to offer the dog adequate attention and care.
Our puppies are de-wormed, tattooed, vaccinated 5 times (EU Pass) and have a genealogical table issued by the association “Verein Deutsch Drahthaare.V ”.  At the age of 4 months the puppies should be vaccinated once more. German Wirehaired Pointers can be kept inkennels or in let in the house. Whereupon, keeping the dog in the house leads to more intense contact between the owner and the dog. Customers are allowed to freely come by our home at any given time to have a little play with the puppies.

Greetings from Rainer Feldmann